Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had incessant dizziness and ringing in the ears for the last few months. I saw a few chiropractors, but none of them did Atlas Orthogonal like Dr. Maloof. At the end of my care plan, I no longer felt dizzy and was able to go on vacation with my family without any issues."

- Ken J.

"Michaela and Lizza love Dr. Kat! She is gentle and kind with our children, and her care has helped with their eczema outbreaks as well as mental focus in school."

- Ellen & Marquis (Mom & Dad)

"I have had headaches and upper back pain for years. I started receiving regular care here at Maloof Family Chiropractic, and I haven't had a headache in months!"

- Crystal M.

"My baby has been constipated, colicky, and having difficulty with regular bowel movements. After his first adjustment, he has three blowouts and we are so thankful."

- Lavida G.

"Doctor Maloof has helped me recover from an injury when my regular doctor told me I would likely be in pain for the rest of my life."

- John S.

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