Assist your body in its own healing


Our bodies were designed perfectly, by a perfect Creator and in a perfect environment. But life is not perfect. Stress, activities, accidents and a sundry of diseases, ailments and our society’s lack of priority on health and prevention leaves us living a life of pain, discomfort and sadness. We have lost our connection with out perfect bodily design.

Through a technique called Atlas Orthogonal, which deviates from the usual popping and cracking methods of traditional chiropractic care, Maloof Family Chiropractic can offer a pathway to a pain-free life. Our patients will be the first to say they have experienced healing transformations and have great satisfaction with maintaining a healthy life.

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“The difference between the winners and the losers is just one more step”

Dr John Donofrio


Why Chiropractic? 

Your spine is your body's lifeline and misalignment of the spine can result in pain disguised as other symptoms. Through chiropractic care, your spine and your life can be pain free. 


What is atlas orthogonal?

With fewer than 300 practicing chiropractors in the US the Atlas Orthogonal method of healing is changing the way people view and heal from chiropractic care. It could be the method that works for you.