Since 1999, we have been helping thousands of clients recover from chronic pain, injures and debilitating conditions. We have been at the forefront of holistic and natural healing and we are looking forward to helping you and your family as well. 


Our Mission

"To remove nerve stress by providing proper spinal alignment, in the safest possible way, in a caring family environment that anyone can afford."

your first visit

First of all, welcome! We consider our patients to be family and we are glad you chose us to join you on your journey to your best life!

Prior to arriving, please be sure to fill out your Patient Paperwork, so that we have your patient information in advance. When you enter our practice, you will be invited to relax on one of our Atlas Orthogonal tables while we review your paperwork.

You will be introduced to one of our amazing doctors who will review your patient history and discuss your health and level of pain in your daily life. Once the doctor has a snapshot of your current state, he will take a series of x-rays to capture a physical image of your spine alignment, head placement and overall bone structure. These pictures will guide him to make the proper adjustment.

While lying on your side on the Atlas Orthogonal table, the doctor will place the tool behind your ear and the machine will create a delicate pressure wave to adjust your upper spine into place without any physical manipulation. This could happen repeatedly, while the doctor checks your neck and back in between utilizing the Atlas Orthogonal tool.

Prepare to be with us for 1-2 hours for your first visit, but rest assured, you will leave feeling much better than when you came. Before leaving, you and the doctor will discuss a treatment plan and you can schedule your next visit on your way out.

Payment is due at the time of your visit.

Doctor Maloof has helped me recover from an injury when my regular doctor told me I would likely be in pain for the rest of my life.
— John Smith, Chirpractic Magazine