How Can Chiropractic Help GERD/Acid Reflux?

You know when you overdo it—spicy foods, too much alcohol—or maybe you’re pregnant, or a smoker or even just a little overweight. It’s that burning sensation in your stomach and throat that is begging you for an antacid.

Congratulations! You’re one of millions who suffer from acid reflux or also known as GERD (gastrointestinal reflux disease), when it occurs more than twice a week.

According to, if the valve at the top of your stomach doesn’t stay properly closed, acid leaks backwards up your esophagus, causing the burning and discomfort. But as chiropractors, we know to ask the deeper questions.

Why isn’t the valve staying closed?

The body is a perfect machine and was created in perfect harmony. When in proper alignment, all systems, including the digestive system, will work as designed. So let’s investigate how chiropractic care can help alleviate these symptoms.

If your spine is misaligned due to injury, illness or everyday living, the nerves between your spine are hindered by the pressure. Even mild a mild misalignment of the spine can cause a breakdown in the communication between your brain and the digestive system, causing the reflux, which left untreated will cause severe deterioration and disease.

Maintaining proper alignment of your spine allows effortless communication between your brain and the corresponding systems of the body. If you spine is properly aligned, the messages can travel accordingly and keep your stomach valve shut, reduce the acid from traveling backwards and ultimately alleviate your symptoms.

Until you can see a chiropractor, try a 1:1 mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and Local Honey. Usually 1T of each 1-2 times a day will help reduce your symptoms.

It’s not magic and it’s not medicine. It’s just the miracle of the body.

Have you experienced healing from your acid reflux or GERD symptoms thanks to chiropractic? We’d love to hear from you!